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Trusted files and applications

You can authenticate the provenance of your files and applications with the Global Trust Repository: GTR™, our patented database

If you're looking for File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), we have a better solution:

Integrity verification with SignaCert® Integrity.

This E-Brief, "5 Ways to Finally Make Integrity Monitoring (FIM) Purchases Worthwhile," will show you how to:

1. Focus on correctness and verification rather than on passive change monitoring

2. Use file data for forensics, rather than alerting

3. Get true value by verifying integrity instead of simple performing passive file integrity monitoring

4. Verify file and application integrity more quickly to reduce the Mean Time to Detection of breaches

5. Verify integrity throughout your infrastructure without a barrage of worthless alerts, so that you can reduce the Total Cost of Detection of adverse events

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SignaCert® Integrity™ is the world's most actionable, least noisy FIM solution.

Our patented and unique technologies deliver pure, clear integrity verification without all the noise the other guys make

Trusted reference templates

You can snapshot correct systems, applications or subsystems—called trusted reference templates—to compare against all others

Trusted benchmarks

You can incorporate tests and reports specific to your industry from recognized third parties to prove continuous compliance


Protect your systems and data—and ensure compliance—with the world's most actionable, least noisy integrity verification solution.


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