Get Correct. Stay Correct. With SignaCert® Integrity™

SignaCert® Integrity™ continuously validates IT infrastructure integrity.

The result? Only significant cost and disruption reductions, coupled with dramatically improved performance, availability and security.
IT Integrity Management

SignaCert Integrity continuously verifies infrastructure elements match the standards and gold images that deliver maximum business value.

No Fire Hose; No Fire Drill

By only alerting on deviations from correct states, SignaCert Integrity automates problem identification, accelerates recovery, and eliminates fire drills.

IT Maturity In a Box

SignaCert Integrity enables organizations to achieve high IT maturity without significant manpower investments. This can be arrived using automation.

What’s better than technology that makes your job easier? Technology your boss is happy to pay for.

SignaCert® Integrity™ starts delivering value day one.
  • Improved IT Productivity

    With zero unnecessary alerts to slow you down, you’ll solve problems fast, and have more time to focus on strategic and value-added projects.

  • Reduced Risk

    You’ll know about problems as soon as they hit, so you can address them quickly and avoid lengthy, drawn-out breaches.

  • Continuous Compliance

    No more scrambling at the end of the year for a checkmark—with SignaCert keep you will be continuously compliant.

  • Lower costs

    Instead of spending big bucks on a tool that creates too much noise to be useful, get actionable alerts at a fraction of the cost.

Trust Dell to Maintain Your Infrastructure Integrity

Prefer to have someone else manage your integrity management? How about Dell?

Who has Integrity?

Here are just a few teams receiving the incredible performance, availability and security benefits of “The Power of Being Correct™”
Assured Guaranty
Assured Guaranty
Infrastructure Financing & Insurance
“The Power of Being Correct” helps the leading insurance company to: Provide continuous SOX/COBIT compliance and improve security.
Dell Security Services
Dell Security Services
Managed Security Services
“The Power of Being Correct” helps the leading MSSP to: Provide its managed clients with continuous PCI & HIPAA compliance and improved security.
Green Dot
Green Dot
Online Banking
“The Power of Being Correct” helps the leading alternative online banking company to: Continuously meet PCI compliance and improve security with minimal operations impact.
American Hospital Association
American Hospital Association
“The Power of Being Correct” helps the national hospital association to: Provide its members with managed security and HIPAA compliance service (via IP Services).
Jai Medical
Jai Medical
Managed Care Organization
“The Power of Being Correct” helps the managed care organization to: Continuously meet HIPAA & PCI compliance mandates.
Middlebury  College
Middlebury College
Higher Education
“The Power of Being Correct” helps the 200 year old liberal arts college to: Improve its security posture and maintain continuous PCI compliance.
Global Cash Card
Global Cash Card
Managed Transaction Provider
“The Power of Being Correct” helps the leading financial transaction processing and IT services to: Help clients continuously meet PCI compliance, improve security and productivity.
IP Services
IP Services
Managed Services Provider
“The Power of Being Correct” helps the leading MSP to: Help power its award-winning TotalControl™ methodology to provide its managed clients with continuous compliance and improved security.

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