GTR™ (Global Trust Repository)

Global Trust Repository™ (GTR):
The file and application whitelist powering SignaCert® Integrity™.


SignaCert Integrity is the only IT infrastructure integrity validation solution powered by its own enormous file and application whitelist database, the Global Trust Repository™ (GTR).

SignaCert Integrity continuously verifies infrastructure elements match the standards and gold images that deliver maximum business value. The GTR is one such standard—a completely unique and patented standard that contains the file DNA:

  • On over four and a half billion files
  • Covering millions of applications
  • From thousands of vendors

The GTR ensures bona fide software exists across the enterprise and establishes the legitimacy of that software. The GTR includes the following capabilities:

  • Software identification
  • Software legitimacy
  • File and application metadata (which files are associated with which applications, versions, publishers, etc.)
  • Support across a range of computer and network operating systems (Win, MacOS, UNIX, Linux, Cisco IOS, etc.)
  • Optional deployment of a cloned version inside your network

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