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SignaCert® Integrity™ continuously validates IT infrastructure integrity to automate problem identification, accelerate recovery, and eliminate fire drills.



SignaCert helps IT operations and security people protect their systems and data. How do we do that? We use “The Power of Being Correct™”—the power that comes from having systems that are correctly and consistently configured, without any unauthorized flies or applications.

That can (and does) mean different things in different situations, but in every case the Power of Being Correct starts with SignaCert Integrity continuously verifying that infrastructure elements match the standards and gold images that deliver maximum business value.

By only alerting on deviations from correct states, SignaCert Integrity automates problem identification, accelerates recovery, and eliminates fire drills. You’ll just get pure, clear integrity verification, so you can fix whatever’s wrong, and fix it fast.

The Power of Being Correct” will help IT personnel in virtually any discipline, but most customers start by reducing the mean time and total cost required to detect and recover from adverse events such as security breaches or compliance failures.

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HIPAA regulations require providers who implement and manage electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI) systems to follow certain safeguards to protect confidential data.

Our HIPAA solutions ensure that organizations meet and exceed these regulations.

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The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requires all systems involved in credit card transaction processing to have controls in place to validate that applications and configurations are securely deployed.

We automatically and continuously verify PCI compliance and create reports that show your compliance.

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The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) establishes the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Cyber Security Standards, which are the controls and processes that utilities must implement to protect the North American power grid.

We make it fast and cost-effective to verify that you are meeting CIP-010 as well as other CIPs.

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SignaCert® Integrity™: The most actionable File Integrity Monitoring solution

Customers are rapidly replacing outdated, costly and highly disruptive FIM 1.0 products with SignaCert Integrity’s FIM 2.0 approach.

FIM 1.0 has always been focused on detecting change. FIM 1.0 products do not differentiate between authorized and unauthorized changes, so they blind administrators with thousands of alerts.

FIM 2.0 focuses on verifying and maintaining correctness. SignaCert Integrity’s FIM 2.0 approach dramatically reduces noise and provides the most actionable data because it is the only one that:

  • Continuously verifies infrastructure elements match the standards and gold images that deliver maximum business value.
  • Leverages SignaCert’s unique and patented Global Trust Repository (GTR™) to provide actionable metadata about the integrity and legitimacy of files.
  • Leverages the GTR™ to “roll” files up into applications, and then provides actionable metadata about the integrity and legitimacy of those applications.
  • Discovers unauthorized changes that aren’t supposed to occur (e.g., malware) or are supposed to occur and don’t (e.g., unpatched vulnerabilities) by comparing systems against trusted references.

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Tripwire is the FIM 1.0 poster child. If you have, or are considering Tripwire, you need to STOP and look at the FIM 2.0 gold standard, SignaCert® Integrity™!

What Both Solutions Deliver:

  • Automated Compliance Reporting
  • Change Detection (“FIM 1.0”)

What Only Integrity Delivers:

  • Correctness Verification (“FIM 2.0”)
  • Application Views & Intelligence (not just files)
  • Easily Extensible to Cover Custom Policies
  • Affordable, Subscription Pricing (currently 1/3 of Tripwire’s license cost; learn more here)

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