FIM 2.0

SignaCert® Integrity™ is the world’s most actionable, least noisy integrity verification solution.


Welcome to FIM 2.0

We know how hard it is to detect security breaches when a constant barrage of pointless alerts from outdated FIM 1.0 products slows you down. So we designed SignaCert® Integrity™ to only alert on deviations from correct states that need immediate attention.

FIM 1.0 has always been focused on detecting change. FIM 1.0 products do not differentiate between authorized and unauthorized changes, so they blind administrators with thousands of alerts.

FIM 2.0 focuses on verifying and maintaining correctness. SignaCert Integrity’s FIM 2.0 approach dramatically reduces noise and provides the most actionable data because it is the only one that:

  • Continuously verifies infrastructure elements match the standards and gold images that deliver maximum business value.
  • Incorporates results from the Global Trust Repository (GTR™), our patented database of authenticated files and applications.
  • Leverages the GTR™ to “roll” files up into applications, which makes the data easier to use.
  • Builds trusted reference templates, which are snapshot of correct systems, applications or subsystems.
  • Makes it easy to include and customize compliance and security benchmark tests specific to your industry.

No one wants to deal with expensive service outages or dangerous security breaches. But if your devices have incorrect configurations, that’s exactly what will happen.

We say, avoid all that. Get pure, clear integrity verification without all the noise you get from outdated FIM 1.0 products. Get SignaCert® Integrity™; get FIM 2.0.

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