Tripwire Alternative

Why are customers rapidly replacing Tripwire with SignaCert Integrity’s FIM 2.0?
Money, time, security (& the list goes on)!



Tripwire is the poster child for FIM 1.0. Customers consistently complain that Tripwire:

  • Provides no mechanism to know systems are initially correct
  • Generates too many alerts to process
  • Provides no mechanism to automatically delineate authorized from unauthorized changes
  • Is not the means by which security breaches and audit failures are discovered
  • Has excessively high licensing prices

The FIM 2.0 gold standard, SignaCert Integrity, is the exact opposite. Customers are rapidly replacing Tripwire with SignaCert because Integrity:

  • Quickly establishes correct system baselines
  • Generates fewer, much more actionable alerts
  • Automatically identifies any deviations from correct states-unauthorized changes and also changes that should have occurred and didn’t (e.g., unsuccessful patch deployments)
  • Can rapidly detect security breaches and audit failures
  • Is aggressively and fairly priced (currently 1/3 of Tripwire’s license cost; learn more HERE)

The bottom line is that SignaCert Integrity solves all of the fundamental problems that have plagued FIM 1.0 products like Tripwire. We would love to show it to you, let you talk to your peers that have made the switch and get it in your hands for a free trial.  Pick one of the options below to get started!