Global Trust Repository

The SignaCert Global Trust Repository is a cloud service providing known-provenance whitelist measurements of commercially available and open source software. The measurements are obtained via direct partnerships with many software vendors covering a broad range of operating systems, device drivers, third-party applications, and many other types of data representing the desired state of systems comprising IT business services.

The Global Trust Repository is essential for:

  • IT Ops Efficiency
    Only Integrity provides reporting by application, version, and vendor – eliminating costly time sifting through massive logs of file names trying to identify which application has changed incorrectly.
  • Infrastructure Software Inventories
    Creating software inventories for physical and virtual IT infrastructure
  • Forensics Analysis
    Quickly determining suspect software installed on physical and virtual systems for forensics-based analysis
  • Software Authenticity Validation
    Validating that physical and virtual IT configurations are comprised of authentic software from the original vendors

To learn more about contributing to the Global Trust Repository, see the partners page.

SignaCert complements PGP's comprehensive approach to data protection by enabling PGP customers to attest to the authenticity of PGP software and its key infrastructures operating in corporate IT environment.
— Jon Callas, CTO & CSO, PGP Corporation